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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Next Internet Millionaire

If you haven't had your fill of reality TV you should check out "The Next Internet Millionaire".

This is a web reality show, and currently, according to their blog, they are picking the 12 contestants. So far 3 have been selected.

New contestants are announced every Sunday and Wednesday, the list of 12 contestants can be seen here. The other contestants will be selected from this list of the top 50 contestants.

In my brief viewing of the site, I noticed that the competition is going to be in Colorado. I didn't see a mention of what city, but I'm sure it won't be Colorado Springs.

It looks like the contestants will be competing for prizes and money, while being taught by Internet millionaire "teachers", and the winner will be entering into a joint venture with Joel Comm.

According to the little bio on the about page, Joel has launched "dozens of online ventures", as well as writing "The adsense code", which was a New York Times Best seller.

Looks interesting, I may have to watch it.

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