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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Create your own warning labels

Oh, so many fun labels can be made from this. I didn't know about this site when I went around labeling our safety equipment at work with funny stuff. Now I am going to have to go back and do it all over again.

Warning Label Generator - Thanks for pointing it out Gadgetophile!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Feel the Link Love

The purpose of this list is to get some crazy link love going, the instructions are simple, and if everyone participates, then the results should be very good.

To Continue this Link Love list:
1. Copy and paste the list below into your blog post. Hopefully your blog editing software will be smart enough to copy the links over. If not, you can always look at the page source to get the HTML.
2. Add any blogs you want to the list, including the blog that listed you (this blog).

That's all there is to it, if the list continues, then everyone should get a bunch of links from other blogs, and everyone will be happy.

The List:
- Making Money on the Web
- Steve Wilson Marketing
- The Thinking Blog
- Affiliate Marketing Wave
- Your Blogging Guide

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Google Bombing Still Lives?!?!

I could have sworn that I heard that Google had made changes so there could be no more Google Bombing.

I did the "Win a Nintendo Wii from John Chow" post to enter John Chow's contest, and one of the requirements was to refer to him as the "root of all evil", and have that phrase linked to his blog. Currently, if you do a Google search for the "Root of all evil" (in quotation marks), his blog is the 3rd result.

Is this more John Chow evilness?

Technorati likes me again!

In the post I did last night, "633 days of Technorati Ignoring me", I mentioned that I had posted to the Technorati forum about my problem. Well, when I checked this morning, they had started to crawl my blog again.

I had an email from a Technorati Support person, Jose, apologizing for the problems, and someone even commented on my blog to let me know it was fixed.

The final count was 634 days, and to be fair to Technorati, I had only put in a trouble ticket about a week ago. I'm glad that they are indexing me again.

Also, my blog's rank in their index went from 2,831,421 to 1,282,695, whatever that means. I'm curious to see if I start getting traffic from Technorati.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

633 days of Technorati Ignoring me

In February I posted about how Technorati was off my Christmas list, and as of today they say that I have not updated my blog in 633 days.

I'm kind of curious how long it will continue.

I have deleted my claim, then re-claimed my blog, and a week ago today entered a support ticket, but all to no avail.

Now, what I was going to do is compile a list of all the people in the forum who have that they are having the same problem, but everyone I looked at is now being updated. Hmmm....

Let me post there, and see what happens. Here is the Forum Post.

Win a Nintendo Wii from John Chow

That evil blog mogul John Chow is at it again.

I think this man is the root of all evil.

This time, he is giving away a Nintendo Wii to some random blogger who is able to follow the intricate rules of his contest. The rules are so complicated, that I doubt there will be many posts that qualify, and only the most pathetic blog monkeys will be able to jump through all of the hoops necessary.

You can see these ridiculous rules at "Evil Blog Contest - Win a Nintendo Wii", evidently the Wii was given to him by a promotional pens company 1234Pens.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight Savings Time Havoc

This video gives us a glimpse into the living hell that we may have had to live through if armies of Techies didn't intervene on the worlds behalf.

Saw this on Incoherent Mumblings

Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to use Google Analytics Video Series

If you have a web site or blog, Google Analytics is a pretty powerful tool for web site statistics. It provides you with a good deal of information for the low low price of free. You just place a little piece of code on your pages, and then sit back and watch the statistics come in.

The eMoms at home site pointed me to a set of really great videos posted by Ian Laurie on how to use Google Analytics.

Part 1 - Signing up for an account and placing the code on your site.
Part 2 - Essential Stats
Part 3 - Digging Deeper
Part 4 - Goals

Definitely something you want to check out if you use, or are thinking of using Google Analytics

- Ian Lurie Posts Google Analytics Video Tutorials - eMoms at home

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to find your Google PageRank

In a comment on my Technorati Post, the helpful rip referred to some of her sites as being a PR4, PR6, or PR7. I didn't think to ask, but after I replied I was wondering what that meant.

In short, PR is PageRank, and the number following it is the actual PageRank. If you would like to find out the page rank of your site, then you are reading the right post. I ran across this PageRank Lookup tool on the site SEO Tools which allows you to find out.

In case you weren't sure, the higher your page rank is, the better off you are. Also, in case you were wondering, SEO is "Search Engine Optimization"(I had to look that one up a couple of weeks ago).

Unfortunately for me, it isn't like Golf, if it were I would have people asking me what I did to get such a great page rank.

Just to see if my PageRank from this tool was a verifiable result, not some random number pulled out of the air, I went ahead and checked it with PageRank Checker at Top25Web and the results were the same. Not entirely scientific, but good enough for me. Thanks to an anonymous commenter on this post, I also tried the "Verify Google Page Rank" site, and it confirmed the number.

Now SEO Tools has a great deal of stuff packed onto their page, lots of links topics and some ads, but Top25Web looks like they fell out of the AdSense tree and hit every branch on the way down. The tool still works though.

I'm not terribly worried about my PageRank, at least not yet. I'm still working on just getting some content on the site, and maybe even start posting on a regular basis. Once I have that straightened out, then I'll start to put some time into PageRank, Keywords, and all that jazz.

Now, if you found this post because of the SEO and PageRank keywords, I don't want to leave you disappointed.

My Opinion
I think that the most read blogs in the blog-o-verse, or intra-blog-o-sphere-orama-2.0 are the ones about how to make money with your blogs. Of course, like any blogger with dreams of making a Scrooge McDuck pile of cash through blogging, I have read my fair share of "blogging for money" blogs, and "make your blog popular blogs". To sum it up, there are a lot of "blogging about blogging" blogs out there. So let me point you to a couple of blogs that I think are very worth reading, and that I bet you will find helpful in this area:

Some Recomendations
- The eMoms at Home Blog - Don't let the "Mom" in the title throw you off (if you happen to be a guy), this is an outstanding blog, with tons of great tips. She even has a free blog traffic e-course. When I first found this blog, I just went crazy following links, and I think that I gave her a ton of pageloads those days. The e-course also has some really great tips. Nothing underhanded about her tactics. Thanks Wendy!

- Pro Blogger - Everyone links to this site. Go visit it and you will see why. This is another blog that becomes a click fest once you get there. On top of all the great tips and content, the guy is bald too. Fellow follicle challenged bloggers unite!

- PageRank Lookup - SEO Tools
- 10 Related page Rank Tools & 136 SEO tools - SEOCompany
- PageRank Checker - Top25Web
- Verify Google Page Rank
- eMoms at Home
- 10 Days to a Better Blog - eCourse from eMoms at home.
- ProBlogger

Sunday, March 04, 2007

February 2007's Top 5 Posts

1. How to re-initialize the offline files cache and database in Windows XP - This is one of my favorite articles, since I can never remember how to do it, and it is easier to come here then to search somewhere else. If you are receiving "incorrect function" errors when trying to sync, this is a handy trick to know.

2. The Outlook Dumpster - Adventures in Deleted Item Recovery - Very handy to know how to use the outlook dumpster.

3. Winamp Site Hacked? -This was one event that my friend Art pointed out. I posted about it, and within 2 hours the site was fixed.

4. Microsoft Access error: Compile error . in query expression -Pesky problem which took a good deal of research, but ended up having a nice straightforward fix.

5. Remove a Service with the Command Prompt -Another post that I end up looking up more often then I care to admit. I'm glad that others have found it useful.