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Friday, July 06, 2007


It just isn't the Fourth of July without some good old fashioned fireworks. We stayed at home this year, and fired off some of our own. It was really great because the kids were old enough to really know what was going on.

I live outside of the city limits, so fireworks are legal for me, so long as they are on the approved list. If fireworks aren't legal in your area, here are some pictures, courtesy of flickr, for your enjoyment. I would suggest that after you look at them, say "BOOM" really loud, and it will be as if you were there. As soon as I upload them, I'll try and post some of my, much less impressive, pictures.


Art said...

Pretty cool pictures of the fireworks in St. Louis. I was there just last weekend.

Mike Scott said...

Cool. Did you have a good trip?

Art said...

No, not really. Check your email.