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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Get High Quality Stock Photos for free from FreerangeStock.com

Sorry I moved this post to my new blog. You can find it here.


Art said...

I subscribe to your del.icio.us feed and noticed you had bookmarked a few stock photo sites and wondered what was up with that.

I had searched for some stock photos in the past and got tired of wading through all the bad hits in Google. This was like a couple of years ago. So I'm happy you found FreerangeStock.com and the one or two others you added to del.icio.us. I'll keep them all in mind next time I'm looking for something.

Mike Scott said...

That site is pretty great, they don't always have gobs of photos in every category, but you just can't beat their terms of use.

Glad you found it helpful