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Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Marines!

Today I checked my email a little late, but sure enough, there they were. Birthday greetings from my Brothers. Today is November 10th, and the Marine Corps is 231 Years old. I have been out of the Marine Corps for almost 9 years now, but I still think about the Corps every day.

Year after year, when I see the birthday greetings from my friends, I am still glad to know that I am not the only former Marine who still remembers the Marine Corps Birthday, it seems like every year I meet another former Marine who doesn't celebrate Nov 10th. I don't know about the rest of you Jarheads out there, but every year I get all the Marines I know locally, and hoist a few in honor of the Corps. Usually we only number 2 or 3, but all of you that I served with, and all of my other brothers and sisters out there who I have not met are there with me, if only in thought.

So Happy Birthday to all of you Hard Chargers!

Semper Fi!

And remember, if you want to help out some terrific Marine Corps related charities, and get a great book about steak, read this post about "Command of the Grill" , or visit the Command of the Grill web site .