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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Win a Nintendo Wii from John Chow

That evil blog mogul John Chow is at it again.

I think this man is the root of all evil.

This time, he is giving away a Nintendo Wii to some random blogger who is able to follow the intricate rules of his contest. The rules are so complicated, that I doubt there will be many posts that qualify, and only the most pathetic blog monkeys will be able to jump through all of the hoops necessary.

You can see these ridiculous rules at "Evil Blog Contest - Win a Nintendo Wii", evidently the Wii was given to him by a promotional pens company 1234Pens.


XtremgenX said...

John Chow always comes out with cool and creative ideas. No wonder that this man is truly loved by blogosphere community. ;-)

Mike Scott said...

He sure is a character! Some of the stunts he pulls are just ingenious.

Anonymous said...


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