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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Technorati likes me again!

In the post I did last night, "633 days of Technorati Ignoring me", I mentioned that I had posted to the Technorati forum about my problem. Well, when I checked this morning, they had started to crawl my blog again.

I had an email from a Technorati Support person, Jose, apologizing for the problems, and someone even commented on my blog to let me know it was fixed.

The final count was 634 days, and to be fair to Technorati, I had only put in a trouble ticket about a week ago. I'm glad that they are indexing me again.

Also, my blog's rank in their index went from 2,831,421 to 1,282,695, whatever that means. I'm curious to see if I start getting traffic from Technorati.

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Johnny Cash said...

Congratulation Mike! My blog still hasn't got pinged.

I have already posted to their forum a week ago. Here is my post:


Mike Scott said...

Thanks! In the post I did, I put the 633 days in the subject, because I knew it would be an attention getter.

You should post to that one, it will bump it back up to the top, and maybe they will fix it then.

Good luck with getting it fixed.