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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Technorati is officially off my Christmas Card List

Did you ever have a cousin that you met once at a family reunion? Maybe you talked it up some, and really enjoyed the conversation. Then after the reunion, well life gets in the way, and the next thing you know, you haven’t talked to that cousin in a very long time. Maybe you feel like a big heel for not calling.

OK, if you are still with me, imagine that the cousin has made attempts to contact you, letters, phone calls, yet when you see the name on the caller ID, you let the answering machine answer the call.

You also make sure that you are really quiet, since you never tested to see if the microphone on the machine is actually off when it is taking a message, and you would hate for him to hear you and start yelling “I know your home; I can hear you breathing in the background!!!”

In this case, Technorati is the one being quiet, and this blog is that ignored cousin.

What I am referring to is the inability of Technorati to find my blog, and the stubborn refusal of my pings. As you can see from the image above, Technorati doesn’t think my blog has been updated in 620 days. If you scroll down a little bit, you will notice, that I have in fact posted in 2006, and shockingly, in 2007 as well. Granted, I haven’t posted with any consistency, but come on, there have been posts!

I don’t quite understand why, I use their handy dandy ping button, and when I use Performancing, I set it to ping Technorati, but for some reason, Technorati continues to ignore me.

So I say to you Technorati, in front of all my loyal readers reader, no soup for you! You shall remain without soup until you update your stats on my blog. At such a point, there will be soup aplenty, but not until then.

Some blogs that Technorati and I both love:
- The How to Geek
- Tech-Recipes
- Windows Connected
- LifeHacker
- 43 Folders

Update: Johnny Cash over at "Making Money on the Web" posted a comment that he has the same problem with Technorati. A quick look in their blog directory says that his site hasn't been updated in 52 Days, and I am up to 626 days without an update. He also has a post about his problems titled "My Technorati Woe"


Art said...

Whatever you do, don't give a friend that armoire you have tucked away in the back room. They just might give it to Technorati, then you'll really be pissed.

Mike Scott said...

Actually, that might be worth it, since the veneer has come off, and they would have to fix it.

I also wouldn't have to haul it from place to place every time I move.

Johnny Cash said...

I can feel your ping. I have used many ping services, and none of them work!

Mike Scott said...

I don't know what their problem is, it says I haven't updated in 636 Days now.

Yours says 52 days, and that isn't the case either. I'll update the post and link to you to see if they change or not.

Rip said...

Hi Mike. Just noticed your comment about Technorati and the spiders. Originally when i did the post claim it did not work. None of my Blogger blogs were ever updating, and to be honest with you I still don't think the incoming link stats are accurate at all. I have a blog in there that has a PR4 and it only has about 30 incoming links. None of those links are Lik ea PR6 or PR7 as far as I can see.

These blogs only started updating on Technorati recently after I posted in the forum there. I have a feeling that they just made whatever fix was neccessary to update them because I was posting on that forum. I e-mailed them once and they fixed one site within a few hours, but all my other sites never got a response. All i know is that they seem to be magically updating now so i guess they got looked at.

Sounds like they have an atuo flag on a lot of our blogs and it looks like most of those tend to be from Blogger. I guess there is really no simple answer other than that posting on their forum over there seemed to help me out.

Mike Scott said...

Thanks RIP, I'll have to give that a try.

Johnny Cash said...

Thank rip and Mike. I have post my complain on technorati. I will kepp you guys post on how it goes.

Thank you.

Mike Scott said...

I filed a support ticket too, it was funny because the email said "If you don't hear back from anyone within a week, please accept our apologies for the delay"

At least they set the expectations low to start with. :-)