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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Onion's Take on iPhone Features

With only 7 days to go, you have to take a look at the features listed on The Onion's Article: "Apple's New iPhone" (Via Internet Nexus).

My favorite feature is:

Exclusive link to Google Street View so you can watch yourself using your iPhone at all times


Comes with an iPhone hat, so people know you own an iPhone during the brief periods you're not using it

It seems like yesterday and today my inbox has been flooded with anti-iPhone newsletters. There are a lot of people worried about the iPhone in their network. Several of the articles point out that the devices only support iMap, and that Apple should license software from either Blackberry or Microsoft so that the device can sync more securly.

I really don't see how this is any different from the way things are now, except possibly for the fact that the iPhone is going to be more popular than most other iMap enabled phones.

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tina oiticica harris said...

I've used Apple computers forever. They are # 1 for educators. I really enjoy working frm a Mac. As for iPods, I have had one but never use it. I use iTunes.

Thhe issue of Apple, Inc. allowing others to develop software for the Apple is thorny. Apple is responsible for its trademark. If others come up with bad apps. it's Apple to take the fall.

Many people are ecstatic about the iPhone. I wish Apple success. Personally, I would have one as a novelty. I work from home ;P

Mike Scott said...

I know that Apple is popular among graphic designers, desktop publishers and podcasters, but I'm not sure if I would suggest teaching kids to use Macs in College, unless Apple is used exclusively in their field of study, or if the applications that they are being trained on are cross platform. You just can't argue that Apple doesn't have the market share, and if students are trained on Macs, the chances of them using a Mac is pretty slim.

I thought I had read that Apple was going to allow 3rd party applications, but they had to use Safari, rather than direct OS access. I could be wrong, and feel free to correct me.

The issue with unstable 3rd party apps is one that all smart phone manufacturers have faced, and you can find these apps for every smart phone. I can understand Apple's argument, but if each app ran in its own memory space, and the OS was written to handle bad applications, then this wouldn't be much of an issue. The user should be able to differentiate between unstable applications and a unstable products.

Not allowing 3rd party development for the product would really hinder the utility offered by the iPhone, unless Apple thinks that the software they provide will fulfill everyone's needs. They really had to allow some way to get applications on there.

I would be willing to bet that the iPhone will do well, but like you, I am not going to buy one. I don't like phones in general, and I sure don't want to pay $600 for one.

Thanks for the comment!

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