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Thursday, February 01, 2007

User Submitted War Pigs Video Contest - Free MP3

3/15/2007 UPDATE: The newsletter that announced the availability of the Warpigs MP3 file has come and gone, and the track is no longer available. I really liked it though, it is definitely their style, and still very recognizable. Currently the "B-Sides and Rarities" CD is on pre sale, for only $10 (plus shipping). I pre-ordered mine.

(We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled post)

One of my very favorite bands is a band called Cake. They had a hit or two back in the 90's, and then maybe one or two more a little more recently, but I have every one of their albums, and have to say that each and every one has been worth the money.

They have another album coming out called "Rarities", and one of the songs on it is going to be a remake of the Black Sabbath Song "War Pigs". In the last newsletter, they are starting a contest, where users can create their own music video to the song, and entries will be posted to You Tube.

It sounds like you can get the MP3 of Cake's War pigs by signing up for their newsletter, and they will be sending out a link to download it.

I am pretty sure that I will not be trying to create a video myself, but I sure want to get that MP3.

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