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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Messing with the Idiots

I looked this video up on youtube because I saw a clip of it, and it looked pretty funny. Basically the Westboro Church was picketing, and a correspondent from a show decided to mess with them.

The clip below is about four minutes long, and it looks like it came from an Australian show.

If you aren't familiar with the wackos at the Westboro Church, they like to picket, holding signs with such lovely phrases as "God Hates Fags". For some reason, they keep coming to Colorado Springs, but it seems that they travel the country showing the entire nation what ignorant, hateful people they are. I'm sure that Kansas would like to see them leave permanently, and start claiming another state.

I did want to point out that they are protesting at a soldier's funereal, and a couple of the signs that I read were:

"Thank God for Dead Soldiers"
"Billy in Hell" ( with a picture on it. I assume that it is Billy's funereal.)
"Billy is a lying Whore"
"God Hates Cripple Soldiers".

I'm pretty sure that this display of freedom of speech isn't exactly what the founding fathers meant to defend.

Anyway, it is pretty funny to see someone mess with them. Enjoy.


Art said...

Well, I was going to leave a comment on this a few days ago, but comments weren't enabled.

Now I don't remember what it was I wanted to say. Doh!

Anyway, yeah, these guys are a bunch of wackos.

Mike Scott said...

They sure are. It just absolutely boggles my mind how some people will believe the most hateful and idiotic stuff imaginable, if you just wrap it in religion.