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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What have I been up to?

Well, you probably can tell that I haven't been blogging, and I sure haven't been reading my RSS feeds either. So what have I been working on? Well:


Last week I actually had 8 hours of sleep each night. It was crazy. I usually get about 6 hours, not counting what is taken away by interruptions such as:

- Whining dogs that need to go outside.

- A Meowing cat that also needs to go outside.

- Kids who have had nightmares.

- Carrying those kids to our bed, so they will stop being scared.

- Carrying those kids back to their bed, so they will stop kicking me in the back.

Trying to find something to organize my notes with.

I finally had enough when I was looking for a piece of information that I had just seen the other day, but it was able to hide from me in its deep dark file folder, beneath a nest of other file folders.

In looking for an application, I actually found some really neat stuff, and I settled on 1 really good application. I then spent some time migrating many of my notes over to the new application. Of course, then I found 1 really great program, and I had to migrate over to that. I think I'll stick with this one though, and I plan to post about what I found, eventually.

Watching Movies

I watched Sin City, Man of the Year, and Idiocracy, all very good.

Some other things I can't remember

Where does time go? I actually can't remember much of what else I was doing since my last post on the 1st, or the span between that post and the one on the 27th.


Art said...

Can you at least tell us what that application is? Then the impatient among us can at least have a look at it while we await enlightenment through your words and experiences.

Mike Scott said...

Well, since I don't know how long before I post about it.

Evernote is pretty cool, and there is a free version, as well as a free portable version, at least while it is still in beta.

The Application that I settled on is OneNote 2007. I hate to say it, but it is absolutely awesome. I wasn't real impressed with OneNote 2003, but 2007 is really a huge improvement.

Art said...

The Evernote thing looks interesting. What are the advantages in using something like this rather than notes, tasks, appointments, and to-do's in Outlook?

(I only just glanced at the web site and didn't read too much about it. Yeah, I'm lazy.)

Mike Scott said...

I don't like the notes in Outlook. They are fine for little bits of information, but formatting options are missing, such as linking, bookmarks, bullets, etc. No image support, and worst of all, the scroll wheel doesn't work.

I use outlook for notes about meetings that are coming up, or notes about contacts and tasks, but I was looking for something that handled formatting and organization better.

For me, Outlook isn't really the place for something that is going to run into several pages.

I had been using Word documents for my notes, but I always have trouble finding where I put something, and if I ended up using a table of contents, then I end up having to look through a 3 page TOC to try and find what I was looking for.

So basically, Word doesn't work well for me with tiny snippets of info, and Outlook doesn't work well for me with big stuff.

I figured the tagging would be really handy, and that's why I went with Evernote, but OneNote is really flexible, and just is easier to organize information in, and both apps have really great portability options too.

You should download the one note trial, and tell me if you like it.

Art said...

You going to do a point-by-point comparison? I'd look forward to seeing that.

I may check out the OneNote trial this weekend.

Mike Scott said...

Yes, at least the major points, and the big reasons why I switched between the two.